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Washington State Ferry Terminals

LEI engineers have a long history of working on numerous projects for the Washington State Ferries (WSF), Terminal Engineering and Construction Department. Our involvement goes back prior to 1990.

LEI has been doing mechanical engineering as part of WSF ongoing services contracts since the company was founded in 1995. These contracts teamed LEI with larger civil engineering firms such as Jacobs-Sverdrup, Kpff, Berger-ABAM and Parsons & Brinkerhoff to provide mechanical engineering expertise.


Gil Lund served on the peer review group for the new standard vehicle transfer span design. This transfer span is intended for system wide application. Personnel from Lund Engineering are working with WSF on the detail design of this system. We are also involved in a large study focused on improving the design and maintenance of all the WSF hydraulic operating systems. Working as a mechanical subcontractor to Jacobs-Sverdrup, LEI was involved in the large Mukilteo Multimodal project. It involves moving the current Mukilteo ferry terminal facility to a new site, installing a new super column overhead loading system, as well as vehicle transfer spans. We have also been responsible for the mechanical design, installation and testing of the new hydraulic lift standard vehicle transfer span. This span does away with the old overhead, view obstructing cable lift frames. Additionally, we are involved in many smaller tasks directed at the improvements of all the Washington State ferry terminals´ mechanical systems.