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Wanapum Dam Fish Bypass System

The Wanapum Dam Fish Bypass System is located near Vantage, WA on the Columbia River and is operated by Grant County PUD. The purpose of the bypass is to provide a surface oriented route for small juvenile salmon and steelhead traveling downstream past the dam. The goal is to improve fish passage over routes through existing spillways and turbines which are less fish friendly.


The system included a series of 5 gate bulkheads to regulate the water flow through the bypass. These gates are driven in flow and the lowest gate travels on a guide 40 degrees out of plane with the other gates. For this arrangement, Lund Engineering designed two pairs of hydraulic cylinders to lift and lower the gates in high flow with large pressure head. Lund Engineering also designed the hydraulic and electrical controls and a series of linkages to allow remote attachment of the gate segments to each other.

The project also included a wire rope hoist system to install and remove emergency steel ´stoplogs´ upstream of the gates. The stoplogs are designed to be installed in both full bypass flow and in static water. When all of the stoplogs are installed, they allow water to be drained from the bypass area so that maintenance of the gates can be accomplished. Lund Engineering designed hoist system, controls and stoplog loading system required.

Working for Jacobs Civil and Grant County PUD, Lund Engineering was involved with the project from initial concept to installation.

This project has been in operation since the spring of 2008.