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Truck Manufacturing Equipment

LEI has done many projects for The Kenworth Truck Plant in Renton, WA, including a turnover fixture that flips the truck frame 180 degrees, assembly line transfer dollies and many manufacturing fixtures.

The turnover fixture is probably the most spectacular tool at the Renton assembly plant. The assembly procedure at the plant requires that the truck frames be turned over after the axle and suspension components are placed on an upside down truck frame. The two synchronized hydraulic turnover fixtures grip each frame at the end of the suspension assembly line and transfer it to the beginning of the next assembly line. Each hydraulic arm is synchronized using two linear position sensors located in the main cylinders. Using a two bar linkage design, each fixture allows a total 165 degrees of smooth rotation with only one cylinder. The unit is controlled by a single operator through an infrared controller. These turnover fixtures have been in operation since the fall of 2001.