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Thermal Laminating Machine

Together with owners of Tempar, LEI developed a thermal laminating machine to manufacture insulation panels. These panels are made into partitions used in refrigerated semi-trailers. The panels are 9 feet by 8 feet by 2 inches. Each panel is a sandwich construction of corrugated plastic sheets thermally bonded to a foam core. A vacuum lift system aids the operator in loading the sheets of raw material. Rollers pull the materials into the machine where radiant electric heaters melt the surfaces to be bonded. More rollers consolidate the panel, simultaneously bonding the top and bottom skin sheets. A custom saw creates a finished edge or rips the panel in half. The panels are driven off the end of the machine where they fall onto carts in stacks. The machine was designed and drafted in SolidWorks. Lund Engineering was responsible for the prototype development, concept, design, engineering and support of construction.