Lund Engineering has worked directly with Boeing to develop manufacturing technologies for composite structures used in the 787. From prototype development work to production processes and machinery, Lund is working to increase production rates and improve structural performance of the 787 airliner. Technologies for composite tape laying, curing, bonding, forming, and non-destructive inspection have given LEI a wealth of knowledge used to continue Boeing’s growing lead in composite airframes.

As part of a team lead by Nishkian Dean Inc (NDI), Lund Engineering personnel have been involved in engineering design and field installation work at the Lockheed Martin Astronautics (LMA) SLC-3E launch facility at Vandenberg AFB since the early 1990's.

In 2003, LMA embarked on a major project to modify the SLC-3E to upgrade it from the old Atlas IIAS to the latest Atlas V configuration. An engineering team, including Lund Engineering as the mechanical systems designer, was selected to do work on a multitude of the new ground support systems.

LEI has a long history of providing design/built custom manufacturing machinery for a variety of customers. Genie Industries, CoorsTek and Kenworth Truck Company are notable examples. We have provided engineering design-only and/or turnkey projects, depending on the customers requirements.

LEI’s experience related to the design of mechanical systems for Marine Ship Terminal goes back to the early 1990’s. We started this involvement working for the Washington State Ferry System(WSF) and over the years we have done engineering work on almost all their terminals in the Puget Sound.

LEI engineers have many years of experience designing mechanical systems for movable bridges. We have done movable bridge design and inspection work in Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan.

LEI has a long history working on Semiconductor and Life Sciences Tooling. Both Semitool and Applied Precision are long standing repeat clients. Gil Lund has worked with Semitool since 1983 and they were his first client when he started LEI.

Gil Lund spent many years designing and working with heavy construction and mining equipment while working for WABCO, Ingersoll-Rand and the Robbins Company. Many of the engineers now working for LEI have a similar background.

Over the years LEI has taken on many interesting projects that were outside our normal area of expertise. None of them were particularly financially profitable. That, however, more than made up by the friendships we made and the fun and satisfaction we had accomplishing tasks that most people thought could not be done at all. As always, we still are looking for new challenges. So if your schedule is impossible and you have an interesting project that no one else will even look at, we might be just the right people to help you.